I’m back home and I’m OK.

From the BLACK RECLUSE Facebook page:

“On September 3rd, our guitarist/vocalist was hospitalized for a tear in his esophagus. While vomiting literally half the blood in his body, some blood got into his lungs which led to pneumonia. Because of this and other complications, he was put in an induced coma for a week to recover. When he was woken up, he was still in bed for a week which further atrophied his muscles. Luckily, he survived the doctor’s 50/50 odds of survival. Unfortunately, all the time in bed, vomiting, and tubes in his throat has put his coordination and voice on hiatus. We’ll be back soon. Stay black.”

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Hiatus and New Band

My new band and “City Limits” are occupying most of my time, so I’m putting the next elle EP on indefinite hiatus. All updates for any of my projects will still be posted here. For now, check out the new band, Black Recluse. We start playing shows in June.

Rockumentary & Mixtape

If everything goes as planned, the short short film, “City Limits,” will coincide with a mixtape. Both of these should be released in the spring of 2013. I’m compiling footage and recording several projects, so here’s some footage of chicken fights to entertain you in the meantime.


When I was working on the mixtape, I started Reaganomicon as one of the included artists, and it ended up taking priority for a while.

Anyhow, I’ve started writing Chapter Two.