0202|2020 Update

Since we’re “elle 2.0” with the palindrome etc, we have to make a fuss on 0202|2020, right?

NEW RELEASE: Crisis Actor and Sekrete are working on a split of demos from before our recent releases. It will be on a CD, but I promise it will be weird.

NEWISH DISTRO: Our cassette distro will soon be listed online, but we’re adding cassette players and more. For example, I’ve got two walkmen sitting on my desk as I type this.

NEW VIDEOS: I just uploaded full sets from Backwoods Payback, Kiddo, Crisis Actor, and LIB. I’ve got lots more, and I hope to publish at least one a day until I’m caught up. Watch.

NEW OLD MUSIC: JS (Crisis Actor, Black Recluse) and Ichabod Prenup have remastered Bolth‘s third full-length album for its 10-year anniversary. Stream it on Bandcamp for now.

And there’s more in the works. Stay in touch.