Overpower / No Regard

I want to say this band was ahead of their time, but they were more so ahead of my time. I remember a surge of bands playing powerviolence or fastcore or whatever toward the end of the 00’s. I wasn’t raised with Crossed Out or Infest, so I had Dropdead, early Ceremony, and Fort Wayne’s Daisycutter to introduce me to the style.

In 2009, No Regard dropped a demo. Somehow I had a copy. I don’t remember seeing them play, but I heard “Jacob likes to punch people in the face.”

No Regard would eventually evolve into Overpower. I shot one of their shows and enjoyed them quite a bit, but I wouldn’t fully wrap my head around their bestial gravity until later in life.

So on that note, here is No Regard’s 2009 “Armed With Hate” demo as well as Overpower’s 2010 demo and 2014 release (thanks to Adam, Vomax, and xscottx for pics):

download Overpower / No Regard discography [38.5 MB]