E2.22A: Patron Saints of Violence “SOSTFU” cassette

“all I need is one mic” series
E2.21A: Crisis Actor 2023 demo
E2.20A: Patron Saints of Violence demo
E2.19A: Paint Jöb “Da Return” cassette

E2.18: Teo “Shadow/Souvenir” cassette
E2.17: Deathtax “I Will Never Leave You | Are We Left No Other Choice” cassette
E2.16: Crisis Actor “Submission” cassette
E2.15: Crisis Actor “Submission” ten inch
E2.14: Out Of Touch “Character Witness” cassette
E2.13: “This Is Naptown, Not A Safe Space” mixtape benefit
E2.12: VAC “II” cassette
E2.11: Sekrete “Endless Fucking Nightmare” cassette
E2.10: Crisis Actor [Self-Titled] cassette
E2.09: Black Recluse “2013-2017” CD
E2.08: Black Recluse “Send Me To Hell” cassette
E2.07: Shroud Of Vulture “Valium 1” cassette
E2.06: In The Face Of War “Last Show” DVD & zine
E2.05: Photian Schism [Self-Titled] CD
E2.04: Photian Schism [Self-Titled] cassette
E2.03: Black Recluse & Icky P “Something Old, Something New…” cassette
E2.02: Year Older [Self-Titled] cassette
E2.01: Black Recluse “Walk It Off” cassette