elle [1.0]

The first version of elle was a recording project in which JS would collaborate with anyone willing and able.

“I noticed that certain people had stopped going to shows and started making appearances. People were more interested in band members than the band’s music. I became a shut-in, recording music with my friends and without any regard for reproducing it live.”

Much of the solo material has found its appropriate place with his active band, but these releases remain online.

Endure [9.23.11]

Fifty physical copies in a zine format were made. Backing vocals by Adam & Alex Jones. Everything else by JS.

download MP3, artwork, and lyrics [7.5 MB]


The Last Reverie [6.28.11]

Fifty CDs made. This EP is a prequel to “Life Sentence.” Drums by Dustin Carmichael. Bass written by JS and Nic Cassette. Everything else by JS.

1. The Challenger  2. Lawless Godless Shameless  3. The Requiem Of Frank Grimes



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