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e2.0B.10: War Bastard, Crisis Actor, Milquetoast
8/2/19 @ The Free Base, Indianapolis

e2.0B.09: Cloud Rat, Nak’ay, Crisis Actor
7/14/19 @ Black Circle Brewing, Indianapolis

e2.0B.08: Minimum Wage Assassins, Crisis Actor, Anti-Feds
3/15/19 @ ask a punk, Indianapolis

e2.0B.07: Backwoods Payback, Kiddo, Crisis Actor, L.I.B.
3/9/19 @ The Melody Inn, Indianapolis

e2.0B.06: Cryptic Hymn, Ishia, Man Eating Giant, Crisis Actor
2/3/19 @ State Street Pub, Indianapolis


e2.0B.05: Dead Boys, Craig Bell, Drunks With Guns, Think Tank
7/3/18 @ Black Circle Brewing, Indianapolis

e2.0B.04: Black Recluse, VAC, Guilt Band, Olam
3/16/18 @ Indiana City Beer, Indianapolis

e2.0B.03: Black Recluse, The Sluts, Olam
3/2/18 @ The Phillip, Pittsboro

e2.0B.02: Archarus, Black Recluse, Shroud Of Vulture, Orga
2/24/18 @ State Street Pub, Indianapolis

e2.0B.01: City Trash, Moose Knuckle, Revolt
2/11/18 @ The Dungeon, Indianapolis