elle 2.0 is an Indianapolis micro-label that also does show videos, buttons, booking, and more. While our collective stands on a foundation of punk/DIY ethics, we also work with like-minded entities from other genres and walks of life. We have a policy that “the money is none of our business” when it comes to releases, and any minimal funds acquired go directly to upkeep of dubbing machines, web space, etc.

We have a separate page that handles booking. We might not be able to help you get a show, but we can at least point you in a direction.

And if you were wondering, “8778” is a reference to the years 1987 and 1978. American Hardcore implies that the genre was “over” after 1986, and we all know 1977 is widely regarded as the iconic year for early punk. Each respective year afterwards (’87 and ’78) symbolize progression as opposed to the idea that hardcore and punk have died.

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