This was JS (Crisis Actor, Black Recluse) and James’ (Glowing Brain) punk band, 2003 to 2010.

On 1/30/12, ‘The Resin Hits’ was released as a free download. This retrospective collection of “unreleased” material spans the entire existence of the band, from the first demo to the epilogue, “from skanking to banking.” We’ve posted Bolth’s full discography including ‘The Resin Hits,’ three full-length albums, the “appetizer” EP, and a couple surprises.

download Bolth’s discography [140.5 MB]
download ‘The Resin Hits’ [29.6 MB]

UPDATED 2/2/2020: Bolth’s third full-length album ‘If You Want Peace, Prepare for Class War’ was remastered for its 10-year anniversary. it was quietly posted to Bandcamp on September 11th 2019.

The duo finally had the means to produce the album exactly as it was intended to be heard. As for a download or physical release, nothing has been confirmed.